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About West Dunbartonshire School Games 

West Dunbartonshire School Games is a legacy project for school sport. Launched in 2015, it aims to raise the profile of school sport across West Dunbartonshire; to encourage, enable & inspire more young people to participate in school sport; and to leave a lasting legacy of school sport competition



1. To increase the profile of school sport in West Dunbartonshire.

2. To grow the number of opportunities for school aged young people to participate in school sport.

3. To motivate and inspire young people to participate in school sport and represent their school.

4. To leave a lasting legacy of school sport competition.




West Dunbartonshire School Games is organised and managed by West Dunbartonshire Leisure’s Active Schools and Sports Development teams to provide a full and varied school sport framework for young people aged 4- 18 (P1-S6).


This project pulls together all the sporting events organised by Active Schools and Sports Development and provides a platform for future development, particularly within the secondary school sector. There is a wide range of sports for school pupils to participate and/or compete in: Athletics, Basketball, Dance, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Tennis and Swimming. We also hope to include some Disability sport / Para-sport events and competitions e.g.  Boccia, Wheelchair Basketball.


Competitive and non-competitive events

There are competitive and non-competitive events, taking account of National Governing Body guidelines, age groups etc. Competitive events in some sports will be large scale enabling all schools to attend on one day. Others will be managed locally within Learning Communities/areas, as qualifiers for authority wide finals.


Schools are awarded 10 ‘participation points’ for entering non-competitive events and ‘placing points’ for competitive events—depending on how well their pupils performed (refer to page 3 of the handbook). These points will be accumulated through the school year. There will be no extra points awarded for schools progressing to finals. This handbook will highlight which events are competitive and non-competitive.


Celebrating Success

Throughout the year there will be individual pupil and team champions for various sports and these will be celebrated on our website, in the local press and through social media feeds. There will also be two      league tables, one for primary schools and one for secondary schools, which will track each school’s    accumulated scores. These will be updated throughout the year and at year end, totals will be reviewed and a Small School, Medium School and Large School winner will be announced for Primary Schools. For secondary schools, there will be one overall winner.

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