Sportshall Athletics

Heat 1   SPTA LC                 3rd October @ Clydebank Leisure Centre

Heat 2   DAc & OLSP            27th November @ Meadow Centre

Heat 3   VOLA                      19th February @ Meadow Centre

Heat 4   CHS                        26th March @Clydebank Leisure Centre

Finals                                  30th April  @Clydebank Leisure Centre

All heats are from 9.45am-12pm


Sportshall Athletics will run in 4 heats throughout the year completing in a Final. The top 2 from each heat will be invited to the Final along with the top 2 runners up from all 4 heats.



Who is the Competition for?


Age Group: P6 Pupils 

Squad Size: 10 boys and 10 girls

Specific Rules 


  1. Teams are made up of ten boys and ten girls. 

  2. Athletes will compete in a maximum of two field events and two running events. 

  3. Placing Points will be awarded following this event.

  4. Please ensure pupils wear non-marking shoes.

Competition Organiser 

Gayle Brown 

 Tel: 01389 753 557