Frequently Asked Questions

What is the West Dunbartonshire School Games?


The West Dunbartonshire School Games is a new initiative that has been devised to bring all school based competitions together in a competitive format.  


How do you accumulate points?


Points are achieved by your finishing position within the competition, the winning school gets 66 points and then it works down in increments of 2 from there. Some sports due to the structure or area are participation only; therefore you will receive 10 points no matter your finishing position.


Are there more points on offer at the finals?


Yes the top schools that make it through to the final will receive extra points. The maximum points on offer will be depending on the number of school at the final. For example if 6 schools are in the final the winning school will receive 6 points and the runner up getting 5 etc…


Is the School Games fair?


Yes, not only can schools get awards and points for winning that specific competition, the primary school competition is split into 3 awards. These awards are broke down into Small, Medium and large school, this makes the competition fair as all schools have the opportunity to win an award no matter their size.


Why are some competition competitive and other participation?


This is due to the structure of sport across West Dunbartonshire taking into consideration popularity, facilities and club support. Sports that have participation points are due the competitions running in a slightly different format form area to area. All Sports that result in a West Dunbartonshire Final are competitive where finishing points are accumulated.


Do you need to compete in every competition?


No, you do not need to compete in all competitions however your accumulation of points will be affect; which will result in a lower position. Non entry will not affect any future attendance.


What happens if I sign up for a competition but can’t attend on the day?


You will not receive any points for not attending even if you have previously signed up. Needless to say that you’re Active School Coordinator will be in touch to find out how they can support your attendance in the future.